eSkills-Collaboration-CoachingCreated by Gust MEES

1. Standard Not Met2. Approaching Standard3. Standard Met4. Exceeding Standard
Collaboration.1 - CollaborationWork effectively, flexibly, and respectfully with others. Value individual contributions and make compromises. Share responsibility. Responsibility means ALSO here having basic knowledge of Cyber Security!21st Century Skill
Only worked well with certain teams. Sometimes didn't support others or make compromises. Team didn't share responsibility. TEAM doesn't have YET the necessary knowledge about Cyber Security! Learn more:
Worked effectively and respectfully with most others. Listened individual contributions and sometimes made compromises. Shared some responsibility. TEAM needs STILL to LEARN more about Cyber Security!
Worked effectively, flexibly, and respectfully with others. Valued individual contributions and made compromises. Shared responsibility.
Helped the whole team to work effectively, flexibly, and respectfully with each other. Valued and encouraged individual contributions. Made compromises. Shared and helped monitor responsibility.

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