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Rubric Maker

ThemeSpark Rubric Maker

Make a standards-based rubric in less than a minute. Common Core ELA and Math, NGSS, C3, Core Art & 21st Century standards.

Sample Rubrics:

Writing in Social Studies
CCSS Math Std 6.EE.B.6 + Critical thinking
Kindergarten W.K.1 writing standard + Creativity standard

QuickStart Lesson Builder

Make a standards-based lesson in as little as 5 minutes! Add an activity or resource to spark higher-order thinking.

Sample Lessons:

Volume of a Ford Escape
Limitations of our History Textbook
Identifying Themes in Literature

About Us

The ThemeSpark™ free web-based teacher tool was designed by former teacher David Hunter. The creator of the innovative Zombie-Based Learning curriculum , he founded our parent company EdCourage, Inc. to offer powerful teacher tools that easily add Authentic Learning to standards-based curriculum. David has contracted with ASCD to publish a book on his unique curriculum design methods, to be out in 2016.

Available Standards

  • Language Arts K-12 Common Core
  • Math K-12 Common Core
  • Social Studies K-12 C3 Standards
  • Science K-12 Next Generation
  • Art National Core Anchor Standards
  • 21st Century Skills
  • See all available standards

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