Weekly Spark #1 - Voting ends December 29th

Welcome to The Weekly Spark! Where you review and vote on some outrageously uncommon ideas blended together that will spark ideas for fun and engaging K-12 lessons that include relevance, rigor, and real-life application.

And this week's winner is...

Star Wars and English standard - L.2.2

In this lesson, students use proper capitalization and punctuation to create clear opening crawls for Star Wars. Normally, I like to integrate themes as if students were participating IN the thematic universe. For example, I'd like to have a way for students to think about how they would use punctuation and spelling skills IN the Star Wars universe. Perhaps they'd have to help Yoda prepare his memo to the Galactic Senate? This often works better for longer projects. For a single lesson, and for a lesson targeted at much younger students, I felt that direction could be too abstract. For this reason, I focused the concept on using proper punctuation and capitalization in the opening text in Star Wars movies.

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This week's themes


ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS - 2nd Grade L.2.2 - Language Conventions of Standard English Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. MATH - 5th Grade 5.G.A.2 - Geometry Represent real world and mathematical problems by graphing points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation. SOCIAL STUDIES - 8th Grade D2.Civ.6.6-8 - Civics Describe the roles of political, civil, and economic organizations in shaping people's lives. SCIENCE - 11th Grade HS-LS1-5 - Life Sciences Use a model to illustrate how photosynthesis transforms light energy into stored chemical energy.


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