Weekly Spark #2 - Voting ends January 11th, 2016

Welcome to The Weekly Spark! Where you review and vote on some outrageously uncommon ideas blended together that will spark ideas for fun and engaging K-12 lessons that include relevance, rigor, and real-life application.

And this week's winner is...

ELA - Writing - W.5.9 / The Hobbit

This week's themes


Science - 2nd Grade 2-ESS2-3 - Earth and Space Sciences Obtain information to identify where water is found on Earth and that it can be solid or liquid. ELA - 5th Grade W.5.9 - Writing Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. Math - 8th Grade 8.SP.A.2 - Statistics & Probability Know that straight lines are widely used to model relationships between two quantitative variables. For scatter plots that suggest a linear association, informally fit a straight line, and informally assess the model fit by judging the closeness of the data points to the line. Social Studies - 11th Grade D2.Eco.1.9-12 - Economics Analyze how incentives influence choices that may result in policies with a range of costs and benefits for different groups.


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